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For example "" targets young women planning a wedding. What a great place to feature your wedding focused business. This new website offers an exclusive local page for every major city in Indiana and will soon expand to other states. This is a perfect example of targeting an audience in a specific location where you have a location. This website is a great place to target young couples just starting out.

"" offers multiple target audiences all with great traffic. Looking for a more affluent market? Use our Music, Theater and Dance pages. Although seasonal our High School Sports section has excellent visitor traffic and click through rates during fall football and winter boys & girls basketball season. The same holds true for Pro Sports, Festivals and Fairs and our Concert pages. We are working on several upgrades including "Feature Pages" with great stories about events, venues and more. Need a little help deciding what works best for you... call us we are happy to discuss your advertising plan. (Call Dave 260-271-4541)

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Typically we recommend you start with a Premium Listing. Payment options for a Premium Listing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription basis. We offer similar subscriptions for display ads as well as pay per click. You can add animation to your ad for a one time set up cost. A three panel animated display ad is a one time charge of only $35. Call or email for more information on animated ads.

Entertain Fort Wayne

  • Targets an Audience of All Ages
  • 30,000 to 40,000 Monthly Visitors
  • Excellent Search Engine Rankings
  • Covers all Northeast Indiana
  • Special Pages target Special Audiences
  • From The Arts,Dance, Music & Theater...
  • Big Events, Expos, Festivals, & Fairs...
  • Local High School & Pro Sports!

Wedding Starts Here

  • Covers all of Indiana
  • Local Websites for Major Cities
  • Target Audience Women 18 to 30
  • Exclusive to Local Wedding Vendors
  • From Catering to Wedding Dresses
  • Special Wedding Planning Tips

Fort Wayne Restaurant

  • Easy to find Restaurant Locations
  • Fort Wayne Metro Area
  • Find Restaurants by Cuisine
  • Feature Section for Advertisers
  • Demographic Target 18 to 45
  • Special Promotion Opportunities

New Future Opportunities

  • Help Me Find a Pro
  • 360 Auto Mall
  • Best Gifts for the Holidays